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Entry #2

okay, some news

2007-09-02 10:20:25 by paper-penguin

If you're one of the few people who likes my cartoons, you're probably wondering where the hell I've been for the last few months.
Okay, I think I can confirm a couple of cartoons that I'm making.
the first one is called Grandad, something I'm making that uses a much darker style of humour and animation... Thought it might be quite fun.
and then, there's my Halloween project which I'm working on first... So there may not be any more cartoons from me until October. Sorry guys ]:
Also, I'm making a 4 or 5-part series called Nasal Sebum, which is about a Fantasy World lodged up George Bush's nose. This probably won't be finished for a while.
So yeah, I'm still alive and new movies will come soon.
as a last note, I've made a poster for the latter movie, which you can see here --> 3/nasalsebumposterze0.jpg
Peace Out
-Mythical Jake


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2007-11-16 14:00:31

yah.first comment. cool


2008-05-25 16:02:49

dude how can you put an animation on frontpage?

you know on the NG.bytesize board